"Computers are meant to help people not the other way."

Biomedical data analysis

  • CT image analysis for precise surgery and oncology
  • 3D modelling of hip joints for orthopedic surgery
  • Preprocessing Images for Virtual Reality


  • Modeling and control of selected nonlinear systems
  • Modeling of equilibrium constants
  • Modeling of graphene-oxide membrane
  • Novelty detection

Online analysis

  • Analysis for evaluating rehabilitation progress
  • Analysis of Raman spectra for diagnosis of Alzheimer disease

Internal environment

  • Humidity monitoring in offices



Kohout, J.; Verešpejová, L.; Kříž, P.; Červená, L.; Štícha, K.; Crha, J.; Trnková, K.; Chovanec, M.; Mareš, J. Advanced Statistical Analysis of 3D Kinect Data: Mimetic Muscle Rehabilitation Following Head and Neck Surgeries Causing Facial Paresis. Sensors 2021, 21, 103. https://doi.org/10.3390/s21010103

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Crha J., Ťupa O., Mareš J. Robotic Platform for Gait Disorders Monitoring. XXXIX. Seminar ASR 2015 Instruments and Control. Ostrava, 24.04.2015 - 24.04.2015.


We are focused on innovation, creativity and smart solutions.

  • INTER-EXCELLENCE, 2020-2023

    LTAIN19007 Development of Advanced Computational Algorithms for Evaluating Post-surgery Rehabilitation


We are progressive research group with two associate professors.

Senior researchers

Junior researchers

PhD students

  • Lukáš Mrazík
  • Jan Kovařík
  • Karel Štícha



keywords: biomedical data analysis, modeling, VR, process control, novelty detection, neural networks, signal processing

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Special thanks to:
  • Martin Chovanec (FNKV)
  • Ivan Řehoř
  • Olga Rubešová, Naďa Tylová (EATON)
  • Oldřich Vyšata